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The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in early Spring in the Tiger month寅.
He has a strong Wooden personality with a Yin Wood element Yute乙 in two Pillars
(Year Stem and Day Stem).

There are only three elements in the chart: Water, Wood and Earth. Yin Wood 乙has got roots as well adding to its strength.
This type of Wood is alive.
 Characteristics of a strong Wooden person

The Wood element represents a moving Chi that is growing and always striving upward.
It has got Yang Chi inside. In nature this type of Chi乙 is manifested in bushes, plants, flowers, undergrowth and thicket.

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Ronaldo is at the moment the number one footballer and best paid in the world.
He is certainly showing the above characteristics of the Wooden type:

He is ambitious and wants to develop himself to the top.
He likes competition and aspires to be the winner of the game.
He has the emotional capacity to assert himself in unconventional ways.
When being blocked he tends to be frustrated and angry.

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